Using a Building Consultant During Construction

We often find with our clients that they are overwhelmed, confused or just too busy to thoroughly investigate work that needs to be done by their builder. Our team can help you through this difficult time. We can offer a full range of building consultancy work to help. Not just prior to the construction, but also during the construction we can assist you with any discrepancies or anomalies that you are unsure about to ensure that your project is completed as per the scope of works.

We can assess a builder for licenses and registration, go through the contract for you, ensure you are paying a reasonable rate for the work that you require, complete the inspections to ensure that they meet the current Building Codes and Standards required – any concern that you have, we can guide you through.

In our experience, we have found many clients who could have avoided confrontations or building litigation if they had some building consultancy advice prior to or during their building work.

We can assist in building renovations, construction of properties, trades work – any area of construction – we can help you to get through this sometimes stressful time.