CNA Building Consultants offer professional, comprensive construction advice and reports on residential, industrial and commercial properties

Expert Witness Reports

Building Defects and incomplete works. Our Experienced consultants will provide detailed Building defects and non-compliant reports with cost assessment claims for litigation issues.Over the past 10 years we have provided evidence in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).


Dilapidation Inspection Reports


More than often required by local councils as a development Application requirement of adjoining properties and roadways prior to construction of residential and commercial properties.Our Dilapidation reports are comprehensive and includes photographic reference



Construction Progress Reports


We provide Quality Control inspection report on construction at completion of the builders contract at completion of the builders contract or on a progressive basis with a fully detailed report at each progress payment stage,

Namely: Footings Slabs Framework Lock up Fittout Practical Completion


Building Defects Report


We supply a straight forward independant report opinions of building defects and incomplete works which can be past to your builder for rectification.


Cost Estimating


We provide cost estimates bill of qualities and cost assessments of building and construction project cost, variations ad provisional sums.

Building Ispections

Expert Witness Report

Building Defects Report